Apache on Mac OS X

This is probably well known to most folks but I thought I would document it anyway.
If you are used to working on a linux box you will not find the necessary files for Apache in places you expect.
The httpd.conf file is in: /etc/apache2
The conf files for virtual hosts etc are in /etc/apache2/extra (Note: The default httpd.conf file comments out the include for virtual hosts.)
The default location for the log files is /private/var/log/apache2. (Note: private will not show up in the Finder). I created a symlink to it on my desktop)
The default DocumentRoot is /Library/Webserver/Documents
There is no init.d directory. You can start/stop/restart apache from /usr/sbin/apachectl
Hopefully this will help you avoid a lot of find . |grepping I had to do.